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Why is FireFox on one particular PC not showing icon fonts properly?

For some reason, when using Firefox on my PC to view websites, icon fonts do not display correctly.  At first I thought that my website needed to be fixed (it refers to FontAwesome), but now I see that it appears to be happening on any website that uses font style icons. Today I took a customer satisfaction survey for some car repairs, and the "Next" button had the text "chev" as if it were referring to a "chevron" icon.

I'm not sure why this particular PC is doing this and not any of my other ones - any advice?

Thanks very much :)

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Provide your Website URL for testing.
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(I see the letter "c" instead of a vertical chevron...)
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Testing in both Chrome + FireFox (latest versions running on latest MacOS), your font's show up.

As Dr. Klahn suggested, this likely relates to your local environment - Browser Settings or Ad Blockers.

If you're running Ad Blocker(s) code, then check all related icons in your Browser bad to see what's been blocked.

Or just disable Ad Blocking on your page + retest.

Likely this is an Ad Blocker.

Or... if you've been changing your Browser Settings, shown above in Dr. Klahn's comment, be sure you reverse out any changes you've made to return to default values.
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Thanks very much everyone!! Dr. Khan's solution let me see not only that how that page of my website should look, but also other spots.  I'm so glad to know that everything I was trying to tweak on my website was actually OK.