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php cut unwanted from string

$respon  is string


How can I cut value remaining only  'PJVS9JiOFWCZ8F4dBCUEa7GdDnCO' it will follow "access_token" :       in php

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You use json_decode() to turn that string into an object or array, then you can access the value. Example:

$str = '{"token_type"...etc...}';
$token = json_decode($str, true);
echo $token["access_token"]; // OUTPUT: PJVS9...etc...

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While both comments are correct, I generally take @gr8gonzo's approach... so... when I come back to my code years later...

I can glance at my code + determine what I had in mind.
I agree, slgihtwv's is a slick option. However, if you need any other data, I just find it easier to put the entire result in an array, then you can access any part of that array throughout your code and use any of multiple array functions
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

I too agree:
If you need to pull several key/values from the JSON, then load it up and pull all you need.

If you only need one, don't waste the overhead of storing the array in memory in a variable just in case you might want others.