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Being able to edit the navigation bar in sharepoint subsite.

In a Sharepoint 2016 website, I cannot edit the left side Navigation Bar in a subsite.

Microsoft SharePoint

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Roberto Madro R.

8/22/2022 - Mon
Walter Curtis

If you haven't tried, go to site settings then navigation. You should be able to edit the navigation from there.

Hope that helps...
Roberto Madro R.

I've tried that option, to me, this subsite looks like it has been customized, I need to access its HTML and I should be able to do some work, but this is not straightforward unless you know a trick.
Walter Curtis

You can use SharePoint designer to access the page. It may not be as straight forward as it you may think. The masterpage or page layout may be playing a role here. Any idea how it may be customized?
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Roberto Madro R.

The navigation bar on the left is something that was NOT inherited from the Main site, thus inaccessible is my believe, I just need to maintain it and I can't access it.
Rainer Jeschor


just a view questions:
- SharePoint 2016 - On-Premises, correct?
- What kind of site template has been used?
- Any customizations enabled / deployed?
- Is it a sub site in a site collection or the root site of a site collection?
- Might you share screenshots of that site?

Thanks and KR
Roberto Madro R.

The reason for mentioning this, is because this subsite doesn't allow for some Sharepoint Editing tools to come up, be it from the "Edit" on the upper right hand, or from the "Gear" icon in the upper right hand, and in viewing its source code, I can tell it was altered from a console. Regardless, your thoughts (Rainer) and feedback (Walter) are appreciated, I'll close this case because as of this morning, that subsite was to be removed. thank you both. 
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Roberto Madro R.

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Roberto Madro R.

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