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Azure remote desktop disable mapping to \\tsclient

I have a client that is remoting into Azure workstations. I'm having a problem with one app that appears to be redirecting c:\windows\temp to \\tsclient\c\windows\temp. 

I want to disable mapping back to the local computer but I can't see how to do that

How can I disable that feature?

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\\tsclient is part of the mapping drive rights (drive redirection). Disable clipboard as well if possible to make it even more secure.
So you can disable these at the RDS server config / Client Settings
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I'm not nearly as familiar with Azure as I am with on-premise servers. I do not see RDS in group policy. They appear to remote directly into the workstation without using RDP gateway server.

In GPEdit on the workstations, I don't see a setting to disable this.

Normally it is in the RDP client but with the remote desktop app for Azure, I can't find that settings. 
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Thanks, that fixed the issue we were having