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Something is eating up my space on my hard drive.

Something is eating up my hard drive.  I have deleted programs but after deleting the hard drive continues to lose storage.  I have all documents saved to external drive.  I am not sure what I need to do.  Any suggestions, advice or programs that will help? 

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Do you know where the drive space being lost is located?  Is it in event logs, in temporary files under your own directory, temporary files under the Windows directory?  Find out where first and how will follow on that information quickly.

To find out where it's being used, get a copy of a disk analysis program such as WinDirStat.
Those programs run as admin, else they will not show all files on your disk.
What is your OS? What software is running? Is there a backup tool running in the background? Some Manufacturers, for example I believe Lenovo included a backup tool which ran in the background & saved those backups to the same disk your system is running on, which in my point of view is total rubbish. If you backup, it must be to something external...
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In Windows, we can always uninstall those unnecessary applications in there.

And try to run "dir c:\ /s > c:\output.txt" to see all details of whatever files within all the paths and sub-folders, and further remove those unneeded ones.
i suggest to use wiztree - much faster !  WizTree - The Fastest Disk Space Analyzer ( 
Try Dr. Klah's suggestion first, as to me, this type of graphic report is easier to pinpoint problems than other approaches.

If prefer another type of report, start through each comment, trying each tool.
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Thank you to everyone for the help.  It set me up to determine what was going wrong.  After downloading "TreeSize", (I tried WinDirStat first but couldn't find the hidden folder) I found I have an .edb file that is 335 GB in size.  I am now researching on the best way to delete to make sure I am not deleting something I should not.  From what I have read it has something to do with exchange which I don't think I have on this computer.  I use Office 365, Adobe, and accounting programs so I am confused.  That is why I am researching further before I delete the file.
Thanks again to all the suggestions and solutions.  
Where is the .EDB file? The "CSC" folder?

That could be the Offline Files cache. Bring up the Offline Files properties and reduce the amount of storage available to it.