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Emails stuck in exchange 2016 queues

Emails are stuck in queues on an Exchange 2016. I checked DNS, Connectors, Certificates, Virtual Directories....

Someone has an idea?

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Lee W, MVP
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Please try these commands first
Set-malwarefilteringserver -Identity servername -bypassfiltering $true
Restart-service msexchangetransport

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I would no longer recommend the solution MA has - that was the work around found the day of the issue.  Microsoft has issued an official response - follow their guidance for the safest results.
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I did those 2. When it came out on Jan.1st and then the Microsoft guidance when it came out. It was working until today .....
I checked DNS, Connectors, Certificates, Virtual Directories....

have you checked free disk space?
if space is too low (below ~20%) then you have backpressure and the transport service will stop mail flow

failing that, look at event logs for anything unusual
I didn't think of that. Thank you! But in that I'm good. Log disk at 42% and Database at 33%
OS disk?
13% Used 
have you looked at event logs?
Yes, here's one from the TransportRoles\Hub: (similar in Mailbox)
2022-01-07T02:56:31.982Z,15.1.2375.17,Intra-Organization SMTP Send Connector,SmtpDeliveryToMailbox,igxdb02,InfoDomainNonexistent,,[Domain:Result] =;
That IP is not mine and don't know where it comes from....

are all of the messages in the queue showing the same destination domain or different?
is mail flowing in general and just a few sitting in the queue or is mail not going in and out?
Nothing is going in or out. Even between users
have you tried restarting the transport service or rebooting?

all other automatic exchange services are running?
and you said dns is ok?  as in the dns servers configured on the exchange server?
something must have changed if it was working yesterday
Automatic Services: All running
DNS: non of the resolve-dnsname i ran came with an error
The only thing that changed was the fix Lee talked about earlier that I applied yesterday
The only thing that changed was the fix Lee talked about earlier that I applied yesterday

and some in that thread are complaining it didn't fix it
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