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outdoor ethernet cable


 I have two buildings that are 20 yards apart and I like to run Ethernet cable from the main building to 2nd building. There is some type of wire already running between the top of two buildings.

 Is there an outdoor ethernet cable (that is water and weather proof) that I can run above ground?

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The Toughcable has the outer jacket which designed for outdoor usage and UV abuse. Then there is a second protective clear plastic wrapping underneath. Below that layer is a metal foil wrapper to help repel RFI. Along with the pair bundles is a cord for added strength, and an ESD line to terminate with the grounding connectors. It's a little harder to terminate in RJ45 connectors due to all of the protective layers and wire but it's excellent cable.
That close, you can also use directional WiFi antennas, to avoid all cable concerns... like rodents chewing through cables... the ban of all Ham Radio setups + long-haul connectivity projects.

Remember, squirrels love the taste of cables.
Another option is fiber optic cable. You can find outdoor fiber optic cables with rodent protection (with steel tape, steel wire or fibre reinforced plastic FRP protection armoring). And you will not have to worry about lightening strikes.
For such short distance you can buy already terminated cables and you can select from wide range of speed (depending of selected cable and active equipment - transceivers or SFP modules). 
There are so many rodents above and below ground that I'd want burial at least six inches deep in galvanized EMT.  Deeper than that in an area where the ground freezes in winter.  Rent a Ditch Witch and do it yourself.  Networking cable doesn't require an electrician in most areas.

Remember to leave a pull rope in the EMT, because at some point the cable will fail anyway and you'll need to pull another line.  Best to pull two lines originally, really, because 10Base5 cable isn't overly expensive and pulling a line through a cable run that's already laid can be annoying.
Is there an outdoor ethernet cable (that is water and weather proof) that I can run above ground?

You're looking for Burial / aerial cable - Gel packed (rodent resistant) and provides UV protection

I'd suggest shielded cable which would provide a drain wire for grounding as well as EMI/RFI protection

I'd also recommend running a minimum of CAT 6 (or even 7) if your budget can afford it, with at least 10-foot service loops on both ends