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CLI command for fibre ports on cisco switch

Hi experts,

I have an issue with a gigabyte fibre port on a cisco switch.

i need to know the CLI command to activate the fibre ports on a cisco switch so when i recieve the adaptor and plug it in with the fibre patch lead it will work.

Does anyone know the correct CLI COMMANDS to activate the fibre ports.

Thank you for your support
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Craig Beck
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You don't need to do anything to enable the fibre itself. The port should detect the transceiver used and that should be that.

If the link doesn't come up, it may be that you need to flip the connectors on one end of the fibre cable as they will need to be crossed-over if you connect directly between devices rather than through a patch-panel, for example.

Have a look at a previous question where I added a diagram to explain... 
Sorry, just realised that question was raised by yourself :-)

Have you connected it all up and it still doesn't work? Can you share current configs?
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all good, yes i connected it up and it doesnt work. when i swap it it stops working. and for some reason when its working on the cisco switch and i disconnect it for other cabling issues and then connect it again it doesnt work. strange.  hence why i thought i needed to run a command to get it to work. i checked both adaptors are the same brand ( unifi)
but if both ends are cisco they should work, well i am hoping
do you mean there is no need to configure anything on the port it should just work.
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Craig Beck
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tgat explains so much, not sure why the IT GUYS didnt say anything to me i would have sourced cisco ones.

thank you so much.
.But on the CLI command i have to go into that port and type those commands, or i onky need to go into that port fir the no shutdown command?
Only do the shut/no shut on the port. The other commands are global.
thank you so much
thank you so much you are the best