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Citrix Workspace

I would like to know how Chrome launch Citrix Workspace given I did not see any extension installed in Chrome.

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It downloads an ICA file which then opens in the Citrix Workspace App.
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So every time I login on the company's citrix workspace website, it will download a file at the backend?
When you click on the desktop or application resource to launch something, it downloads an ICA file and opens it. Unless you are using the HTML5 client, in which case it opens natively in the browser.
I looked at the source code of the company's workspace website, it is a HTML5
If you are using the HTML5 client, then it simply opens the session directly in the browser using that
But if the session is opened directly, and then I closed the browser, why the application can still run?
Sorry I am not an expert of HTML5, but would like to know how HTML5 can automatically launch the Critix Workspace application on my local computer.
In that case you're not using the HTML5 client. You are using the Workspace App. The HTML5 client runs in the browser. So you are downloading an ICA file and opening it in Workspace App as I said originally. The ICA file opens in Workspace App because it registers a file type association in Windows.
Thanks for your prompt reply.

However, I did not see any setting in Chrome that I gave consent to ICA file to run automatically without I click it to run specifically.
Check the downloads folder after you launch a Citrix resource. You should see an ICA file as below

User generated image
There will be an option at first launch for "always open ICA files in this way"
I tested 2 times, but I still cannot see ICA file in MyDownload.
Trust me, that's how it works. Somewhere on the portal where you log in there will be the option to switch between native Workspace App and HTML5. Check this and see what it is set to.
also I have the below option on.

Ask where to save each file before downloading
I only find the below option at most.

User generated image
If I click "Use Web Version", It will then open the session within the browser.

If I click "Detect Workspace app", it will open the session using the desktop app.

But, I still do not know how the "detect workspace app" options, launch the desktop app without downloading the ICA file.
Use web version is the HTML5 client and it all launches within the browser. It does not launch Workspace App at all.

If you detect the client, then it will use the Workspace App which means it must download an ICA file to open it in Workspace App. The Windows FTA tells it which app to open the ICA file in. This might be set during the build process or the install process.
I checked Default apps, it did has ICA file type defaults open by Citrix Connection Manager.

However, I don't know how to change the Chrome's behavior, I don't see Chrome download the ICA file when I launch the session.
What is it you're actually trying to achieve? I can guarantee the ICA file is being downloaded and opened because otherwise you wouldn't get a Citrix session. Do you actually want to have to physically double-click the downloaded file every time you launch a Citrix app or desktop?
yes this is what I want, I want to physically agree / click everytime
Er.....why? It's nothing but a pain in the backside. I believe the automatic opening is by design of the Workspace App at install, so that the process is easier for the user.

You could simply use a different browser (I know Opera, for instance, always forces me to double-click ICA files).

If you refer to the guide

I am sure I did check the Always allow box before, and thus end up it won't download the ICA file or it downloaded it from backend and run it (then delete it) without letting me know.

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