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punctuation character 'finder' function or formula

Are there any in-built functions in Excel that could analyse the content of a cell, and check for 1 or more instances of punctuation characters, such as full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, semi-colon, colon, ellipsis, brackets, hyphen, speech marks, apostrophe, quotation marks etc (there may be more).

General use case is if we were checking cell A2, the function/formula would return either "no punctuation characters found in cell A2", or "punctuation characters found in cell A2". I've found similar methods of verifying a cell's value is all comprised of 100% numeric character's, or all all alpha A-Z..a-z characters, but there was nothing obvious I could find regarding punctuation characters. I'm trying to do some data quality checks on an extract of data which doesnt appear to have been subject to much data entry validation in its original source application. 

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Note that you may need to array-enter the formula (Control Shift Enter) if you are using Excel 2019 or earlier. I'm testing in Microsoft 365, which has the dynamic arrays feature and doesn't need array-entry.
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