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What is wrong with this code?

I am getting a #ERROR

=IIf(IsNull(DSum("[amtpaid]","interest","[paiddate] between >=DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1)  and date()-365")),0,DSum("[amtpaid]","interest","[paiddate] between DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1) and date()-365"))

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Patrick Matthews
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You're passing in a formula as a literal. Try this:

=IIf(IsNull(DSum("[amtpaid]","interest","[paiddate] between >=#" & DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1) &"# and #" & (date()-365) & "#")),0,DSum("[amtpaid]","interest","[paiddate] between >=#" & DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1) &"# and #" & (date()-365) & "#"))
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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A little easier if you put it in a query to debug.  Looks like Jim's statement is correct.