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User cannot connect the PC shared printer

Today, one user cannot connect the shared pc printer suddenly.
The shared PC printer can use by other PCs
I remove the shared printer and reconnected the printer but in vain.
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Have you tried the same user on a different machine?  

Was the user able to print before?

Anything change?
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1. No, user don't use other Pc
2. Yes, she can used it two weeks before
3. Only know no update of Windows watch
What is your Printer? If it has a network connection or WLan, then you should use those options to print to it, rather than sharing it from another PC. Most modern Printers have a NIC or WLan adapter.

It is simpler to setup, & you don't need any PC running to share it.
How is the printer being shared?  WiFi, wired ethernet, or connected to a computer and shared through it?

If it is either WiFi or wired ethernet, try printing to it by IP rather than the common WSD or other indirect method.  That's not a complete fix as the IP will likely change, but that can be fixed either by a reservation in the DHCP server (preferred method) or by a static IP on the printer itself.
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Thanks for advice.
However, we would like shared PC printer method.
We want to know why? How to solve it?
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Don't want use wifi or IP method.
Does the hosting computer have a login password?  Does the computer you want to connect to it have a login password?

What OS is the "Server PC" running? M$ Desktop OS's have a limited number of connections you can use on them. That makes "sharing" anything on them flaky & unreliable. Besides that this PC will always have to be running, requiring more power. Only if the "Server PC" uses an actual M$ Server OS would it makr a small amount of sense to share printers, as you can have more management possibilities & you could be able to use Group Policies to manage who can use which resources.

In all other situations, unless the printer only has a USB connection, sharing it via a PC just makes no sense at all.
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1. No password screen come out
2. Win10 , 5 pcs use share PC
"1. No password screen come out "
The question is whether or not the host and client computers both require passwords when logging into them.  I'm not sure about shared printers, but I've not been successful at accessing shared folders on Windows 10 (newer versions) unless the logins on both computers have passwords.

Does the printer have the capability to connect through a wired ethernet connection?  If so, why don't you want to use that method?
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1. User has used before but suddenly cannot connect the printer.
Besides, the printer has no wifi connection.
"1. User has used before but suddenly cannot connect the printer. "
Does the user have a password on the computer that's not connecting?  Is there a password on the user that has the printer physically connected to it?
"Besides, the printer has no wifi connection. "
Does the printer have a connector for wired ethernet?

Are the PCs domain joined?

If not did ANY user change their password recently?

Can you detail the entire setup so we look and provide better troubleshooting?

You said you removed and re-added the shared printer.  On the host machine or on the client machine?  

What happens when you try to print?

Did you check typical spooler settings and ensure the the printer isn't marked as use when offline?

How exactly is the printer setup?  By hostname?  By IP Address to the host computer? Etc.
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1.  Domain PC
2.  No
3.  Using the window explorer to share the shared printer
4. On the client PC
5. No action
6. Spooler no problem
7. Fail by ip and hostname
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No wifi and no wired network port
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Any suggestion?
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Any advice?
Suggestion: make sure that both computers have passwords.
Is the network designation on the client PC domain / private?  

Can you ping the host machine from the client machine?

Ensure all related networking services are up and running.

Can you map the printer to an LPT port from the client machine?


Net use lpt6 \\machine\SharedPrinterName

Open in new window

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1. The networking is domain pc
2. Ping OK
3. networking is up and running
4.  I can map the printer
Remove the driver and all related printer software from the computer.

From a run command just type \\HOST\Printer

Let it reinstall that way.
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