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Recommendations for home/business router and wifi - using Comcast/Xfinity Xfi

Recommendations for home/business router and wifi

Hello, I currently use Xfinity (Comcast) Xfi router with wifi.  Is there a better solution versus renting the router/wifi device from Comcast?  Also, I would want to include additional access points/extenders to cover a large area that currently does not get a good coverage.

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Part of your answer depends on where you live.  I am in South Florida and have had to have my Comcast supplied unit replaced a number of times over the years. Because of that the rental has made much more sense than a purchased unit.

You can put the unit in bridge mode and use your own Firewall/Router / AP behind it.

I happen to like opnSense or pfSense based solutions for SOHO.

Good luck - 
I have comcast (internet only) if you use their phone service you cannot use your own cable modem and must rent theirs.
That said if you are just using the internet then you can buy your own modem then attach any router configuration you want to it.
Additionally if you don't mind the rental fee. The only thing that usually causes issues when connecting your own router to the comcast rented modem is the mac address locking they typically do (you have to leave it off for a period of time which varies depending on the model of modem or clone the mac of the device you previously connected.)

As for recommendations I have come to appreciate the Ubiquiti devices as they have been fairly solid for me. 
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