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Sitemap Only Has 4 URLs

I have a fairly large site but my xml sitemap only has 4 urls.  Is that a problem for SEO?

The site is https://gsetiming.com

XMLSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

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David Favor

8/22/2022 - Mon
David Favor

1) site:gsetiming.com - shows 1880 results.

2) Sitemap contains 4x URLs.

3) Is this a problem... Depends...

No. If you don't care how fast Google's index updates.

Yes. If you'd like Google's index to update quickly.

4) So if your content changes slowly or updates have no huge monetary effect on your business, than likely fixing this will be a low priority.

5) If updates drive to SEO traction that drives directly to profit, then best fix this today.
Bob Schneider

Ok.  How do I fix it?  I’m using semrush as a tool and it hasn’t indicated that its problem.  What tool do you recommend for creating Google xml sitemaps?
Michel Plungjan

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Scott Fell

Look to see if some or all of the urls point to more irks if you surf to them
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William Peck
David Favor

This site uses CMS code named - Mobirise - so you'll have to dig in to the related docs to determine how to accomplish this.

You may have to write your own sitemap code to ensure this is 100% correct.
Bob Schneider

Thank you all!
David Favor

You can use any of a number of sitemap tools, so long as you have now SQL database, so only flat files used.

If a database is involved, then you'll have to build a list your SQL rendered URLSs + index these.

*Mobirise*, in it's pristine state seems to be file based so any sitemap generator tool should work.
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