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help! got 2 versions of the same spreadsheet in my Excel and I cannot find how to fix it?

hi, I have got a spreadsheet open and when I go to Switch windows, it's shows the same spreadsheet but one is called -1 and the other -2. how do I fix this?
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Rob Henson

8/22/2022 - Mon
Martin Liss

You aren't looking at a split window. Close one of them.
Justin Smith

hi, how do you close them? I did File - close. reopened it and there are still 2 versions'
Martin Liss

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Martin Liss

I’m glad I was able to help.

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Rob Henson

Looks like the same issue you had in your previous question on 25 January.

Does another user have access to these files? If so, you can check with them for what they are doing.

The process for making this happen is very simple so they may not realise what they are doing.

On the View tab, they are selecting New Window, as per below:

This duplicates the active workbook in another window. This can be useful in some scenarios, for example if you have a workbook with tabs for Current reporting period and prior reporting, you could have the current tab in one window and  the prior tab in another window for visual comparison or for copying data between them.

If saved with two windows open the file will reopen with two windows.

I have found that the second window doesn't always maintain the same view settings, freeze panes etc, so have found it is always best to close the second window before saving and closing.