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Cut and Paste Which Sets Footnotes to Local Page


I'm working with a text that's WELL out of copyright, and is hosted on a website for researchers.  

It has EXTENSIVE footnotes and dual languages, and is easier to read if I can play around with the margins and the line spacing.

I can successfully copy and paste the text over to Word, and it all comes over really pretty - footnotes and all.

Trouble is...the superscript numbers on the footnotes SHOULD just jump you down to the bottom of the page to see a quick explanation.  Corresponding number there jumps you back up.

Not unlike what one has in a Wikipedia article. pasting it over to Word, all the superscripts in the main text still have the source URL, like:


And, the return links similarly.

Now, these DO work, but due to the abstract nature of the text, it's hard enough to follow what the author is saying without having to have the browser windows creak open for each page.  Plus, if I want to add COMMENTS to the text, I need to go back to my own file in word, and it's easy to get jumbled up.

Is there any tool I could use to save a webpage that would save the page with the links as LOCAL links?

So far I've been able to do that to PDF, but that's not as useful, as the PDF comes over with text I can't really change, since, if I re-set the line height or any other element, all the links break / stay in their original PHYSICAL location.

So, any tool that can save a webpage but which will ALSO re-set any links to refer to the page itself.  Or, any two-steps I could perhaps take to do the same.

Many thanks!


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Rob Henson
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Can you open the page in an html editor and then save locally? Does that amend the links?

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Dr. R!

Ah!  That sounds like a VIABLE plan!!

Please can you recommend a free WYSIWIG editor that you think would be up to the job?  Back in the early days of the web I recall where one could just paste in a URL and it would come into the program - then one could save.  That's what we're shooting for here.  If yes...does such a beast still lurk?  Hope so! :D



Sorry, not up to date with available html editors.

Word will open html pages though, so might be one stop shop. Ctrl S in the webpage should bring up the Save Page as menu.

Hiya Rob,

Ah!  Yep.  Didn't work.  Tried a couple of different ways - from the URL and saved to the drive from chrome.  Links all still point back.


Yep, yep...just need to find which WYSIWYG editors are out there these days what that can re-write those links to local.



I don't think I 100% follow what you are after. But if you are going to have things like headlines, sub headlines, paragraphs and footnotes that need to be in specific places, it is going to be very difficult to do this in a WYSIWYG editor where there is only one editor on the page. 

Instead, think in terms of blocks of content. Where the headline gets put in a plain text editor box, the sub headlines and paragraphs go to the WYSIWYG box and the footnotes go into a third editor where that editor sets the type in a specific DIV that goes at the bottom of the page and formats the text in a specific way such as font-size.

If you try and do this all in one wysiwyg box, you will have to use the HTML option to add your footnotes and that gets messy.

Hiya Scott,

Yep, yep.  I remember back in the day Frontpage and Pagemill could do this - it's take any explicit links and re-render them if you were saving it locally.  Hoping perhaps there's a recent free WYSIWYG app that has a similar capability.


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Scott Fell
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