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Dell laptop locks up a few times a week

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that locks up a couple of times a week. Have to hard power it off. Any idea on where to start to see what the issue is? I have updated all firmware, bios, and all device drivers from Dell website. Is there a system monitor program that is good to run and see if it is a processor issue, or maybe heat related?  I know that when you start having hard drive issues it time to move on from the computer before it totally dies. 

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Cleaning out all dust & making sure the fans turn smoothly should rule out heat problems. Another common problem can be bad RAM, so running the memory test can also help.
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Is there a free program to run a memory test other than the Dell test before boot?
Windoze has one included. But you can also use memtest86+

How old is that Dell Inspiron?  Is it under warranty?  I usually get enterprise Dell Latitudes over the consumer Dell Inspiron for better warranty.  

How long does it take until you decide it hangs? I've seen certain Dell power management settings causing devices to hang for up to 2 minutes and then continue as if nothing happened.   

i would us the resource monitor to check the disk and ram usage
you should post some specs on the pc like the installed ram and disk too + free disk space
you can monitor the temperature with speedfan :      
or hardware monitor  :
Have you run the Dell Diagnostics from their support page?   They will run a few passes on all your hardware.  It won't report on intermittant or heat related  problems (unless you get lucky), but it will let you if the basic system is OK.
look also for errors in device manager and event viewer !
....and note that "locking up" can be caused by many things, even a bad contact or Power supply, and any hard or software problem
can you relate the problem to any software, or hardware, or time?
anyt info you give can help here

Since you asked this question about 3 days ago - did you have any recent lock ups?

I've noticed that some older systems are locking up more.  I worked a 10 year old system that froze on Youtube ads - every single time.  The entire sytem becomes unresponsive and requires a reboot.  Blocking the ads lets it work just fine.  However, it's still occasionally freezing if left on youtube too long.

Same goes for a stick computer with a weak Celeron J4125.  Testing Experts exchange freezes and crashes Firefox when attempting to load the Dashboard Participated Questions, the newest section.  It works fine with the rest of the pages.

Youtube is also freezing up the very last Intel Mac on Firefox.  If you catch it in time and pause the video, you can avoid the screen freeze and eventual logout reset.  You need to command tab to the correct window and pause the video - all without being able to see what's happening on the screen.  I've since discovered this on a relatively New Lenovo P series purchased last July.  The screen freezes and if you catch it in time you can still alt tab to the proper window and pause the video, you can recover, otherwise it will freeze up and reset the computer.  For both the Mac and Windows, if you use multiple Desktops, you also have to slide the correct desktop into place without being able to see what's going on.

The web developers are messing something up on them.  They're forcing too much broken Javascirpt and offloading too many stupid unnecessary features/bugs to the User's system.  Experts Exchange loads so much slower now when you click on questions.  The Dashboard is stupidly wasteful and slow.

I did notice that the hard drive space is at 15GB of 256. Would this cause issues?  I will try Dell diagnostics
15gb should not cause lockups.  Slowdowns, when windows is updating... perhaps
maybe it's not the cause- but you best make more free space; i recommend always 30 GB as minimum
btw - can you answer to my questions and suggestions?
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