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Creating VM Template from VMware or SCCM / MECM

Seek the experts advice as to which technology is better to create "golden template"  using VMware Template with OS installed or using SCCM / MECM to install OS.   Just wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages.  Since we have recently installed SCCM / MECM in our environment. 

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Templates are quick, but generally require more work to make changes

Using an SCCM TS to build the server OS will be slower - but you have much more flexibility.

For example - i have one client where i created a server build task sequence about 5 years back - and from a small powershell GUI, you can enter the name, MAC, OS version, server roles, admin roles, NIC team type etc... so when the server is built, it has all that stuff in a standard, repeatable process, and is always patched etc.... BUT, it takes anywhere from 45 mins to 2hrs - depending on what is selected.

Some of the admins love it - as you kick it off then come back a bit later and its all done... But some hate it, as it takes way longer than the 5 minutes to create a VM from template (but then requires x more time to configure it)

So... as usual, pros and cons to each.... but IMO, if you have people that get how to use SCCM to its full potential, it's a far more flexible solution.
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