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place to store confidential documents online

Which is the best place to store confidential documents online, preferably free? 

I do not require much space. It should be within 100 MB.

It should, however, be accessible whenever and wherever I need it. I update documents regularly.

It should be protected as best as possible. I prefer 2FA enabled.

I  am not considering Google Docs   and MS Personal Vault .

What other options do I have?

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David H.H.Lee
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If you're insisting on it being free, but don't want to use Google or Microsoft (I'm assuming also then Dropbox is out of the question), then you may have a hard time find one that can be considered reliable.

Especially with the "needs to be available when/where ever", I mean that will be true of most of these service providers because of course that's the idea.  But if you're expecting some sort of service level agreement to assure you of that then you're probably going to be paying if you don't go with one of the major players.

as David says above, I would use Google Drive. As long as you're careful with any permissions if you choose to share files, you should be fine. The Google account itself can be 2FA protected.

I think that you need to consider how secure does it need to be, and how much hassle/friction are you willing to have for that level of security?

For example, many places can store documents reasonably securely, but they usually are not encrypted, and a malicious actor or the service provider could access them, especially under a court order. Do you want to protect against that? Then you probably want to add encryption where you manage the encryption key. Which platforms do you want to have your documents available from? MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android? Many questions to be answered.

Do note that Apple is rolling out encryption of iCloud for certain types of files where they don't have the decryption keys. It requires iOS 16 or higher, IIRC.

A roll your own solution might be to use VeraCrypt to encrypt a volume, and then use any of the free cloud storage services to have a synced copy of the encrypted volume. That's a trust no-one solution, and is as good as your passphrase you select for encryption. Doesn't work so well if you want to grab a document from your phone.

You can create a Proton Drive account, it gives you 500Mb free storage. From the company that create Proton Mail and Proton VPN.


I believe it should be 1GB for proton drive.

There's also spideroak, which used to have a free tier.  It started in 2006, one of the earliest zero knowledge companies that's still around.  You get grandfathered in to the free tier if you started way back. - It looks like there's a free download and 21 day trial period, then $43/year for the lowest tier of 5 GB.


First I would not store confidential data on the net, if you do make sure to encrypt the data.

I'm using Idrive
They do have a free plan.
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I am seeking alternative options to securely store sensitive documents as I am not satisfied with the available options. I didn't want to use Google Drive because I cannot remove the default Google prompt, which I dislike. Code-based authentication is preferred, but I can't use Google Authenticator because of the default prompt. MS Personal Vault was not an option because it requires a 365 account and may not be available in my region. I considered options like Google Vault, encrypted 7-zip documents, and others, but they were not convenient. I ruled out payment-based services because there is a risk of document deletion if there is a delay in payment. I am unsure if companies like Proton and Idrive are trustworthy, and I had used Lastpass in the past, but I lost confidence in them due to a security breach.
When using online service there always risks...

This is why I recommend you to encrypt your data prior uploading.

Using Idrive you can set your own encryption key or use the default.

I found that Idrive was great because it is compliant, safe and cheap plus it offer different kind of backup and
This is why I recommend you to encrypt your data prior uploading.

IMO sensitive data being stored locally (backup drive, NAS etc) should be as well, if not the files then the drive(s)...