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Google drive

What happens if I upload the same file to Google Drive? Does it get versioned or overwritten?

Each time before uploading, I will change the content. I would make the Word document password protected in Office 2013

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If the document already exists, Google will either ask you whether to overwrite, or to keep both. If you want to keep both, a number will be added to its name.

I found that, for the first attempt, it does not ask me, but automatically keeps both files. In other words, uploading test.docx a second time, created test(1).docx without prompting.

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I need to edit the document. I cannot edit online because it is password protected. I need to download it, open it with the password, edit, and upload it back with the password protected.

>>>uploading test.docx a second time, created test(1).docx without prompting.

I see a problem here. If I upload the document 50 times, will it create 50 documents? e.g. test(1), test(2), test(50)

If you "keep both files" 50 times, it should create 50 documents (I have not tested this!)

I need to edit the document.

I thought you wanted to keep multiple versions of the document. If you don't, just tell Google to overwrite the original.

If you can use MS OneDrive, your issue would be solved because the changes locally (If done via OneDrive) will auto sync.

For Google that would be "Google Drive for Desktop":

>>>>I thought you wanted to keep multiple versions of the document.

Yes, I do wish to keep versions. That way, if a dispute arises, I can go back and check previous versions. However, I do not expect all 50 documents to appear in the list. Although I would have preferred to see only one file in the view, I expect to be able to pull the versions whenever I need them.
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>>>But assuming you don't want to do this - and you want to ensure you don't get duplicates - there is a manual process from the web.

In Drive, right-click the file that isn’t in a Google format and select Manage versions.
Click Upload New Version and select the file from your computer.
When the new version is uploaded, click Close.

This looks like a good plan. I dont want to keep documents in local disk.  I have password protected sensitive documents with MS-Word and I have enabled 2FA  In Google Drive and wish to keep the files in Google drive only. I will  download, edit if necessary, upload again, and delete from the local disk. I need to download it for editing ( since I can not edit password protected file in the web)

I'll test it and share my experience.

@Patrick Barnhardt
That solved my problem perfectly.  
I am happy. Thanks