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Julia LucioFlag for Canada

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broken permalinks on fresh new wordpress install

New install of wordpress, permalinks other than plain not working, not sure why.  I tried everything, even a fresh reinstall and nothing works.

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Patrick Barnhardt
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This sounds more like a web server config issue, assuming you're not installing anything alongside the base installation, such as a plugin or theme.

What does your .htaccess file look like?

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David H.H.Lee
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David, I did all that already.  There is no .htaccess in the directory and when I tried putting one, then I get an internel server error.  This is on my dedicated server operating on plesk.  I have 4 other sites on there, all wordpress, that work fine.
I alos removed all plugins and changed the theme to twenty twenty two... nothing.

You get a server error after putting the .htaccess file? or in the process of creating it?

You'd have to have one in order for WordPress to work properly assuming you're running it on Apache.

Patrick, I get the internal server error as soon as I put the .htaccess file in the directory.
Actually, let me clear that up.  If I put an .htaccess file with nothing in it, it's fine.  As soon as I put in the code and save, I get the error.
David, actually I was using a different code found on the internet.  This is working now. Thanks