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Outlook not sending or receiving

We are using Office 365 v2301. We have four users that are frequently having the same issue where their outlook is working for a while, then they stop receiving email and sent emails remain stuck in the outbox, There is no notification for a lost connection.

They are unable to close Outlook at this point, even if they go into Task Manager and kill the process. After killing the process, Outlook will not open up.

The only thing that has cleared the issue (temporarily) is a complete reboot. This is disruptive as it is happing several times per day.

I have tried the following things and they have not worked. The issues always returns.

  • Force Send/Receive 

  • Running Repair 

  • Removing Outlook Profile 

  • Deleting OST 

  • Edit registry 

Outlooks Connection Status shows several of the connection in the General tab in the Connecting status.

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Start outlook in safe mode and test again. If no issues found in safe mode then you should check the addins in outlook disable them one by one and test it.
I'd also check the Windows event logs (Application and System) to see if anything unusual is going on.   It may not be Outlook, but some other app that they share in common that is mis-behaving.

For one of the users in question
1. On their pc go to this site -
scroll down to option #2 and download the office removal tool
This will scrub office off of the machine. Once done, reboot the machine.
Have the user log in to with their credentials download and install the latest version of office for their license.
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The same thing happened in Safe mode. Also, no add-in active.
Windows logs shows outlook has failed to send, but the error didn't help.
We have reimaged the entire computer and reloaded Outlook, so it was even more than scrubbing the office install.
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