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Estimate of the costs involved for adding login, authentication and subscription functionality to a Web Application

I would like to get developed login, authentication and subscription functionality to my existing Blazor Server WebAssessmbly Application. The features in I need will be:
The user should be able to open an account with the website using their email, or one of the social media identity provider such as Facebook or Google. The user should be able to pay the subscription fees using Paypal, their Credit Card or some other payment processing facility.
To use the some sections of the Web Application, the user will need to get a paid subscription which will involve them paying a monthly subscription fees, though the user will be allowed to use the Web Application for a month or two free as a trial.
I need to have some idea of how much it may cost, if I get this functionality developed by a freelance developer or from a company. I plan to post this job at Upwork or some other Freelance hiring website, but before I do that, I just want to have some idea of how much it may cost me. If any one has recommendation for a company or a freelance developer who may be able to do this for me at reasonable cost and in a reliable way, I would welcome suggestions and I will consider that also. 

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i would verify LOCALLY (UK) with consulting companies what the going rates are - this will most likely give you a better idea on how much to budget

did you develop this web app yourself and are you familiar with the programming tools?

most payment providers i.e. square/paypal have sample code in many languages.

and also have test url's so you can test your code before going online.

Often  there is a charge per transaction plus a percentage of the transaction. i.e. $0.30 + 2.9% of the transaction.


Write the complete list of needs with all the details then ask for quote.

To save money, if you are able to code some part so you only need to pay for the complicated part or part you don't know.

If you hiring someone from upwork or Fiverr the quality may be not what you are expecting.
Also plan in  you budget to hire a bug hunter, security pentester.
Hiring an employee is sometime less expensive to create a custom apps.
Hiring a company is more expensive.

To code a subscription, recurring payement and a custom application may take some time so be prepare with a good budget.

You can also check for opensource like WP Woocommerce, this may be less expensive to start but this will required a lot of maintenance at least monthly so this is can cost more on long term.

So make sure to make the list of requirements with most details and ask for quote this is the only way to know how this will cost.
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Thank you, experts, for your comments.
First, let me introduce myself. I am not a professional developer, but rather a self-taught hobbyist programmer. I have completed a significant portion of the coding for the web app I am developing, but I seek help from professional developers when I get stuck or for tasks I cannot complete on my own. I have hired developers from Upwork or through personal references. I plan to launch the app as a SaaS application, but it currently lacks login functionality. I hope it will be useful to those who need it, and they will be willing to pay for it as a subscription service, but I am uncertain about its success. Therefore, I do not want to spend too much money on it at this stage. If it proves successful, I plan to allocate more resources to the app to develop additional features I have in mind. For now, I need a low-cost solution for adding login and subscription functionality.

Given the common nature of this functionality, I believe there should be some ready-made solutions that can be added to the app to achieve this, rather than reinventing the wheel. The functionality I require at this stage is similar to what is commonly found in many SaaS applications:

Mechanism for users to register with the app using their email address or one of the social media identity providers, such as Facebook. Upon registration, users will receive an automatic email to confirm their email address and registration.
Users receive a free trial for a month or two.
After the trial period, users can continue using the app by paying a monthly subscription fee, which will renew automatically unless they cancel. The app needs to enable users to pay for their subscription on a monthly or annual basis, depending on their subscription package.
These are the minimum requirements I have, but I would like to add additional features, such as the ability to extend trial periods for selected users, offer discounts to selected users, and allow some users to use the app for free during a specified period.

I intend to hire someone from Upwork or through personal reference for this task, but I need an idea of how much I should pay for this functionality to be developed. I am also considering giving this task to a software development company, provided the cost is not too high. I would like this task to be executed in a professional and reliable manner, without any issues.

I would appreciate your advice and guidance on how to get this task done.
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