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Lost Office 2019 after upgrading to Windows 11

After upgrading to Windows 11, the purchased version of Office 2019 has disappeared entirely.

Am I crazy or is this expected?

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Some installs of Office 2019 can be affected with a Windows 11 upgrade.
Check if Office is still present in System > Apps (WinKey+I > Apps) if you can see it there open the icon and choose the repair option.

If it's not there or repair doesn't help then use Microsoft's clean-up tool for Office and reinstall.
You have a subscription? You could reinstall, just have to use the correct email to activate.

Usually. You have 10 days post win11 upgrade to roll it back to 10
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I hear you.  I have run into a lot of my customers moving to Google Docs for that very reason.
all i can say is i use office 2016 on windows 10 - no problems
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No question, Windows 10 had no problems running purchased Office 2019.
The upgrade might have kicked it out for some odd reason.
You can always regain access if you have the product keys.

at this point it is no relevant since you subscribed.

rollback and using a tool that might pull the Product key...., or search your email for the Office code.  

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Working on recovering license key now.
The win11 to win10 rollback is only available for 10 days.

good luck.

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Noted. Not rolling back.
If office 2019 is listed on your microsoft account, it will have whatever keys you need to reinstall.