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Microsoft Outlook 2013 won't open after MS Update on 2/16/22

Got an automatic Windows update yesterday 2/16/23.  Since the update MS Outlook 2013 will not open.  I get the blue Outlook window as if it's trying to open but the status dots moving indefinitely.

I am running Windows 10 Pro, MS Office 2013 Pro on a Dell Precision Laptop.

I tried the 'Repair' option for MS Office Pro.  It ran to conclussion with no error message but did not fix the issue.

I checked the MS website and it doesn't show this issue in the know problems section for the February update.

I am a developer and I've encounter some issues with updates in the past, causing issues with certain functionality in MS Access.  Usually the difficulties track back to one of the KB's in the last update.  Uninstalling the KB resolves the issue.

This update has many KB's associated.  Removing them all individually and would take a whille so I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and has insight as to which specific KB's are the issue.

Perhaps this isn't even a KB issue.

Does anyone have insight into this issue?

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Thanks, how do I run Outlook in safe mode
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outlook.exe /safe
Thanks to you both.  It successfully started in safe mode.  After that it also now opens from the Outlook Icon directly.

I didn't make any changes when it opened in safe mode.

Can you explain why opening in safe mode resolved the issue.
Running outlook in safe mode disables all add-ins and extensions, runs a check for any issues with your mailbox files, and opens the program in a basic mode.
Tempted to say "well, Microsoft ..." ;) but Safe Mode is a great way to quickly refresh Outlook (and other apps) especially if there's been an update which can't load correctly because of an add-in.  Outlook runs in a much more restricted (and controlled) environment and as a result helps remove any local factors that M$ hadn't planned for.
Excellent, thank you both for the follow ups.