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Google chrome: make as google permanent search engine instead of yahoo

Hello experts,

Once a month I have the same problem.User generated image

Yahoo becomes my default search engine.

Every time I should change this.

I was wondering how to avoid this and keep as permanent google search engine instead of yahoo.

User generated image

Thank you for your help.



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As I don't use Chrome Myself (I use FireFox), I can't be sure. But in your screenshot above you can see that the 3Dot menu for the Yahoo search engine isn't active, & that it is set as "default" This makes me think that if you click the 3Dot menu for the Google search engine (there it is active & not dimmed out) you will have the option to set it to the Default search engine.
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I tried every month as recommended but it switches after a while to yahoo. The idea is to have a permament solution.
If it only stays for a Month, your Chrome browser probably isn't the best. Since there is a "McAfee" label next to it, I assume you installed it via the McAfee AV utility, these things often bundle further software with their product, & it can also often be a customized version which might get reset back to their settings with updates.

Since you don't need any 3rd party AV tool (Windoze' builtin M$ Defender is better than most 3rd party tools) I'd uninstall McAfee & all the other crap it installed. You can use the revo uninstaller to remove anything you don't need cleanly.

Then get the Browser either directly from google, or use the PortableApp version:

You can also delete yahoo as a search engine from chrome settings.
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David H.H.Lee
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