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View SharePoint files with File Explorer in Microsoft Edge is disabled.

Dear all,

As you may know from few days ago - 14.february option to  "View SharePoint files with File Explorer in Microsoft Edge" is disabled, for both SP On-Prem and SP Online. For SP Online there is a guide how to enable it as per article View SharePoint files with File Explorer in Microsoft Edge - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn 

Now I was wondering if some1 know how to enable it for On-Prem SP 2016,2019,etc..? When I try to access that option i get, as per picture below, This control is currently disabled.

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Hope someone has a solution. I need one too.
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You can open IE this way, but you cannot pin it to, so that you can open it via shortcut. Instead, you would have to open it via same steps every time you turn it off :(

It works, and you can use it for on-prem SP, but these steps are not for end users, even though there are like 4 clicks..

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Glad that worked for you. Everything about IE has been removed from our client machines so we are still out of luck.

Have a good one...