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Virtual Networking Nic Use

I need some clarification.  If I create a Virtual Switch with a Nic card.  Is there a way to use that Nic to move data or do I need yet another Nic card set up?  I'm trying to add a second NIC on a seperate VLAN, I don't want to have to add to NIC cards everytime I do this - There has to be a better way - perhaps I just don't know it.

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I've done that.  that's not the issue.  The issue is when I try to add the 2nd nic on the server It only going to the 10.75 and I need it on 172 side.  I have to be doing something wrong.

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why are you adding two nics in a VM, you need the VM on two different networks ?

What is the purpose of this network for host data or guest data ?

the physical nic must be connected to the correct network, so if you want this physical nic to be on 172 side, it's physically got to be connected to 172 side, or use vLANS.

what is the nic - vmnci ?

have you created a virtual machine portgroup  for 172 side ?