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Citrix 1912 -Can we assign static IPs in MCS-created machines?

Citrix 1912


Can we assign static IPs in MCS-created machines?

Normally DHCP we use it

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You could use DHCP reservations using hostname and MAC address assignment.

For example, export a list of hostnames and MAC addresses from your hypervisor and save the output to file, such as in a csv format. Take the output file and insert IP addresses, and the import into your DHCP server. PowerShell would be my go to tool for something like this.
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Let's take an example, no DHCP available.
In this case, can we assign static IPs to MCS-created machines?
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You are either going to have to create persistent machines or implement DHCP.  There's no reason you can't limit your DHCP to a predefined list of MAC addresses.  

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PVS does not require DHCP, but it's a good idea.  You can boot your PVS machines from BDM disks attached to the individual machines.  It's much less convenient than DHCP, but it works.