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virtual machine's C drive in Azure getting lower spaces issue

Dear All, 

                i'm recently migrated my on-premise server to azure, and before the migration, the window server C drive has around 20GB free space, and i see the C drive free space is getting lower everyday so now it has around 9 GB only, just wonder anything caused the C drive getting low space ? any help would be appreicated 

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Dr. Klahn

You might investigate a tool such as WinDirStat, which produces a statistics list and a visual map of the drive.  Watch it for a few days and see where the disk is being used up.
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so I install this in the vm and check the log after ?
Install WinDirStat or TreeSize, run it and it will show you immediately, what consumes the disk space. Then act accordingly.
just have a quick review, the largest size is 1.6 MB which is the registry file, I think I need to expand the HD size in azure to solve this issue
Did you install something like TreeSize as suggested above?  There is a free version of TreeSize.  Remember to right-click on the TreeSize icon and select Run as Administrator.
You don't need to wait at all with WinDirStat. Just install and then run it against the C drive. It will sort by size automatically for you. Start with the largest folders and look for large log files and the like. Should take 10 min to find and free up space.
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i did not install TreeSize, and i just deleted the files inside Downloads, and its released 5GB, thx a lots for your sugguestion