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Try/catch mechanism for multiple for-each file containers for SSIS?

Using VS 2019 / SSIS

I need to import 4 or 5 files for each day.

There may be days with no data.

Each file will have a date embedded in its name.

Files prefixed with E are optional.

There can be multiple days' data.

For example

A010123.txt, B010123.txt, C010123.txt, D010123.txt, E010123.txt,

A010223.txt, B010223.txt, C010223.txt, D010223.txt,

A010323.txt, B010323.txt, C010323.txt, D010323.txt, E010323.txt.

If this was simple, I'd just have 5 for-each file loops and call it done.

It is not simple ...

When the package is done I want to have had data imported for only those days where files of type A, B, C, and D exist and import successfully.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Is there some sort of try/catch for multiple for-each file loop containers?

Will I need to rely on scripting to accomplish this?

Thank you.

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