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Access 2016 not showing DblClk event for ListView.

I am experimenting with the ActiveX Control Listview.

I was able to define the columns and populate data into it.

However, I do not have an option for a double-click event like I do with a List Box.

Yet, I have search here and other sites and they all point or suggest code for a double-click event.  

How to you enable the Double-Click event?

I am using Access 2016.


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Daniel Pineault

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  I'd be leery though of anything that doesn't appear in the property sheet in general, as it points to a control not quite being in sync with Access.

  But with it not in the property sheet, make sure to set it.   There is an optimization built into Access that it won't fire code if the property doesn't read '[Event Procedure]'.
 Given that, I would make sure to set the property myself to ensure the event always fires.

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That is exactly what I did.  I was a bit confused as well, but it seems to be an ActiveX thing that not all event properties are shown.  However, access will allow events as long as they are declared properly.  It took about an hour to figure out exactly what was needed for the property.