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I need to Select a calculated value

My query has two decimal values, so I want to subtract one from the other

select TOP 100 *, IPOST-IDATE as Diff from MYTABLE


What syntax error is here?

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Paul MacDonald
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Looks syntactically okay to me.  Is SQL Server reporting a syntax error or something else?

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Pavel Celba
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Update: Are you talking about the Synergy?
If yes, are you able to connect to the underlying SQL engine?

>> What syntax error is here?

When posting a question and you are getting (syntax) errors - post the message you're getting.

As mentioned above, what you posted does not have a syntax fault. The query is running fine:!18/55d5c/1

Some sql engines complain about using * and some lithe fields in the same select. Try changing this to "mytable.*" and see if that helps.

@curiouswebster - It was actually some special character? Wondering how you got it there in the first place. Anyway, since you got a couple of questions from our members, a feedback comment from you would be appreciated. Thanks!