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Could not locate automation class named "InternetExplorer.Application". when running vbscript

Hi,  I am trying to run a vbscript on a machine that has only edge browser and I get the following error.  The same script works on another machine with IE 11.

"(39, 2) WScript.CreateObject: Could not locate automation class named "InternetExplorer.Application".

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David Johnson, CD
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IE is dead, long live open source.  Your program will need a minor rewrite to use chromium/selenium browsers

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Daniel Pineault

You want to automate Edge, but you're coding "InternetExplorer.Application"?!  I'm confused.

Why not post your code so we have an idea of what you are trying to do.

Edge cannot be automated!  You can launch a website in it, and that's about it.  If you truly need to perform automation, then as David suggested you'll need to install and automate thing via Selenium.
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