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How do I find a resource, resource pool, test, and expiration in ehcache 3.x, Java Apps ?

EhCache 3.x in Java 

1) we create an instance of CacheManager and specify a ResourcePoolBuilder, what does that mean? How do we choose the right number?  Why do we need it?

2) How do we verify the value is from the XML configuration file?

3) what's the best way to check if a cache value is new and not old (Expiry's working or not)?

Java Code

import org.ehcache.*;
import org.ehcache.builder.*;
import org.ehcache.core.*;

CacheManager cacheManager = CacheManagerBuilder.newCacheManagerBuilder().build;
cacheManager.createCache("CacheName", CacheConfigurationBuilder.newCacheConfigurationBuilder(String.class, Long.class, ResourcePoolsBuilder.heap(100));

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