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how would I display all item and price information where an item's most current effective date?

Hi, I'm trying to write an IBMi DB2 SQL select statement to display records for the max(effectiveDate).  That works fine until I pull in my price column.  Then all records are returned.  IItem\Price are key values.  How can I pull in the single record by most current effective date

Here is a dataset for the example part in my query.  This is one item out of roughly  70000 distinct parts.  Ultimately, I want to grab the record for each item with the most current effective date.


the code below returns:   



select itnbr Item, max(bzbldt) EffDate 

from Library.ITRBPR 

where itnbr = '1806ABN.3XF'

group by itnbr;

If I add the price column into my query, I get all records..  

select itnbr Item, bzanva Price ,max(bzbldt) EffDate 

from Library.ITRBPR 

where itnbr = '1806ABN.3XF'

group by itnbr, bzanva;

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Howdy valmatic,

There are several ways to get here.  I'd write the query something like this:

select itnbr Item, bzanva Price, EffDate 

from Library.ITRBPR t0

where t0.EffDate = (SELECT max(EffDate) from Library.ITRBPR t1 where t0.itnbr = t1.itnbr)

--  and itnbr = '1806ABN.3XF'

group by itnbr, bzanva;

That will select the row with the most recent effective date for each product.

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Hi Kent,  Thanks for the quick response!!  I got hit with SQL duplicate value errors when I ran that query.  I did get some results before it bombed out however.  Maybe a problem in the data or maybe the SQL client I'm using.  I'm using the IBMi ACS SQL script tool.    

Is there another way to tackle this?, or I'll see if I can debug. ..  I'll play around with it more this weekend..
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Thanks both of you.  
Kent, I think I would have gotten there but I think the IBM ACS has some proprietary factors I'd need to account for.  
Slight, thanks much.  Didn't really think about handling in that way but it's in my hip pocket now..