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How to set first and second home pages for MS Edge browser?

This question actually is related to the previous question that was posted 10 minutes ago. Still is about the MS Edge browser settings for a group of Windows 10 devices. The intention is, when users open the MS Edge browser, we want them to have 2 home pages opened. The first default home page is - The second home page to be popping up is - Can we set these in GPO? If so, how can we do it?


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Group policy setting is User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Edge>Configure Start pages

Enable that, enter web pages you want in the text box there as 
<page 1> < page 2> etc. 

If you want to prevent users from changing that, set "Configure Open Microsoft Edge With" in the same GPO folder as enabled. The default setting will force the change and prevent changes. 

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Hi Pete,

Hi Adam,

Hi arnold,

Yes, I downloaded the admx/adml and drop them to the central store. After that, configure "Configure the new tab page URL" and "Sites to open when the browser starts" in Microsoft Edge > Startup, home page and new tab page folder.

Both work
I know this quesiton is closed, but I wrote this anyway

Microsoft Edge Multiple Statup Pages (via GPO)