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Increase office 365 existing 50GB Capacity

I have office 365 Business standard licenses under CSP  Program

I have 2 VIP Users where they reached 50GB at their emails and I want to extend their capacity 

what are the solutions available other than archiving or creating a PST considering not have dual storage and it should just increase the capacity and continue on the existing  and the users doesn't feel any interruption 

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As Deman stated, you can license them with Exchange Online plan 2, but you will also need to enable an archive mailbox for those mailboxes. You cannot expand the 50GB size limit, as that is a hard limit assigned to all primary mailboxes. Additional licensing will not change this. 

You can enable an archive mailbox from the user details blade in the M365 admin portal. I would also force the managed folder assistant to run on those mailboxes using EXO Powershell with 

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant <mailbox>

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In Exchange powershell. Also enable autoexpanding archives with

Set-OrganizationConfig -AutoExpandingArchive

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what if I upgrade to E3 will I still need to do archiving?

You don't NEED to do it.

But, it is probably RECOMMENDED to do it !

You can also configure your Outlook to synchronize locally only 1 year or  less.

So, you won't have or need your 100 GB on your PC.

1.   You can go with the E3 license which will bring the mailbox capacity to 100gb
2.   Set outlook to cache 90 days of email in outlook to prevent performance issues
3.  Enable the online archive --you can use the default retention policy that will move mailbox data over 2 years oldto the online archive.
4.  After you have applied the E3 license to the mailboxes in question if you don't see the size of the mailbox expand out within 15-20 minutes run the below command in powershell for exchange online on the mailbox

Set-Mailbox "emailaddressoftheuser" -ProhibitSendQuota 99GB -ProhibitSendReceiveQuota 100GB -IssueWarningQuota 98GB