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Server 2022 core cluster w Hyper-v resets maximum live migrations to 1 after reboot.

Hi guys,

we have this over 10 node Hyper-V failover cluster build on windows server core 2022 on Dell Poweredge 650’s with 50gig  NICS and 1 Tb memory and platinum xeons.

everytime we set ‘Set-VMHost -MaximumVirtualMachineMigrations 10’  on all hosts it reverts back to 1 after windows reboots. Are we missing a cluster settings that does this for us? We manage the cluster with WAC and powershell so no SCVMM.


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Good morning Philip, Thank you for responding. As stated we have a 10+ node Hyper-V failover cluster in place so Failover Cluster Manager is in place. In FCM i cannot find trhe possibilitty to change the Live Migration setting, only the option to determine which networks are allowed in live migrations. If i am wrong please correct me to the right setting. IMHO number of migrations are set on the Hyper-V nodes in Hyper-V Settings.User generated image

Next we have 2 Dual Mellanox -5 cards present in each server over which we have configured 8 vNics.

4 for SAN communication
1 for CSV communication

1 for Live migrations

1 for MGMT

and 1 for backup.

SET teaming is enabled.

Would love you hear more guidance in this mistery ;)

This is what I'm after:

User generated image

Is there any QoS set up on the vNICs?

Hi Philip,

yes found that in FCM, no number of simultaneous migrations there.

in FCM we have two networks selected for live migrations, the LM and the MGMT.

LM as a dedicated network for live migrations. ( yeah I know 🤭) and

MGMT as this network has a gateway so we can migratie inter clusters. We have three at the moment, all off them reset simultaneous migrations to 1 on reboot.

any ideas?

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Interesting find. We don't, as a rule, change the settings.

How many ConnectX-5 ports and at what speed are they?

Setting 10 won't necessarily make things "faster" depending on available bandwidth it may actually make things go slower.

hello Philip, 4x 100gb/s (vNics in windows show 25gb/s each). It does make it blazingly fast now.

User generated image

Okay, so four ports across two adapters.

How many SET teams? 1 or 2?

*NOTE: And, my apologies, the notice of change went by a while ago in several different places but I completely missed it. :(

I should have known about this change.