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error reinstalling AD Connect

Hello, I have tried to upgrade AD connect to the latest version.  I downloaded the AD Connect MSI and ran it as Admin but the only options it gave me where repair or uninstall.  I raised a ticket with Microsoft support  and the support engineer advised me to uninstall the previous version of AD Connect then install the latest version.   on trying to install the new version I am getting the following error:

"Management Agent Error:  MA Name =, Error = A management agent with this name already exists."

Has anyone ran into this situation before?  Any advice on action I could take while I wait for a callback from Microsoft?  Thanks.

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Oh dear, all our accounts are sync'd to Azure from our on-prem AD, will this affect accounts/groups/licenses etc already sync'd to Azure?

Short answer no.

Long answer, as long as you configured the same OU, nothing will get deleted.

The worst case is the account is not linked (password is not synced) or you have synced more users than your original configuration

Thanks for your help.  I think the mistake I made was not exporting the AD Connect config before I did the reinstall.

interesting, but since your AADconnect was down at the time, a quick reinstall is faster.

I doubt you can easily export AADconnect Config, so don't feel bad.