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Refresh a Shared Calendar

Hi Experts,

I have 2 Exchange accounts.

  • My Personal/Business (Admin permissions)
  • My Work (Basic user permissions)

I want to see my work calendar on my personal calendar, as I need to do major scheduling on both ends. 

So I, shared my work and got it to show up on my personal calendar. I don't have the option to edit my work calendar with my personal Outlook, but that's fine - I have my work laptop next to me.

However, the problem is that it is not synching instantly, and this is the whole point of my sharing. I need to use Overlay feature to  avoid conflicts. I read that synching occurs every three hours, but is  there a way to set this up instantly, or is there a button or macro "Synch Now" or Refresh?

I also use Outlook 365 for both accounts.

Thank you.

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I am at home on the Mac, my PC with outlook is at the office. So going from memory, and assuming you have multiple accounts on your version of desktop Outlook.  

1) Go to your calendar view

2) Probably under, "My Calendars" check the the calendars you want to view. At this point, you will see the calendars side by side in some format.

3) To view the calendars merged, click the "View" option in the ribbon and I think there will be an option to view as Merged. That will put all the calendars into one view color coded.

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My question is how to force a refresh 

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