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2016 Terminal server is not letting local users to redirect their printing to their local printers

We have local computer users on a 2016 Terminal server that need to have access to their locally connected (redirected) printers.    I cannot add them to the Collections because they are not Domain users, and therefore I cannot add the ability to access their local redirected printers.      Is there a way to accomplish this without making them domain users?

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They are the only users on the server.    The are local users.   They have one specific application they are running on the system.    They just need to be able to print to they local printers when they are in with Remote Desktop as a local user.  

They have local admin rights, they could install the driver for their printer. Make sure the .RDP file they are using has Remote Printing enabled.

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A better way to do this would be to create a segmented Collection in the existing Broker/Gateway/Web/Session Host RD Farm, add that host, and give those two users access via security group.