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I need to assign meta data to a DataTable

I need a DataTable to store its "preferred column names", for use when I add that data to a new table.

Names could be:






What field(s) can I use in a DataTable where I can Set those value at the start, then Get them when I need them?

Is this what meta data can be used for? How do I do it (without much effort)?


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I will create a different table later, and do not want those columns in the main table. And I want to ensure those columns never end up getting shown to the user.

Will this work?

            sourceProductList.ExtendedProperties.Add("CasesColumn", "CASES_SHIPPED");
            sourceProductList.ExtendedProperties.Add("BottlesColumn", "BOTTLES_SHIPPED");

            string casesColumnName = sourceProductList.ExtendedProperties["CasesColumn"].ToString();
            string bottlesColumnName = sourceProductList.ExtendedProperties["BottlesColumn"].ToString();

It gives me back what I expected...

If it does what you want then OK.

>>And I want to ensure those columns never end up getting shown to the user. 

I don't know what you mean with that - the user will only see those names if your code displays them somewhere on the GUI.

It create a DataTable, then an Excel. The columns would show up, but I want the column names for a different table.

OK, but you can label the columns in excel whatever you wanted to independant of the data table columns names (or not even name them in excel if you wanted that).