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What certifications should I get if I want to expand my knowledge of being a Systems Administrator

I am a systems administrator, a bit of jack of all trades. Most of the time if I have a large networking job to do I use outside IT to purchase whatever we need at the office and config it.  Also, if I need a server refresh I have them purchase and install and get all my VM's installed and backups set. So, I mostly do the babysitting of all the devices setting up all desktops and laptops, loading software, and server admin stuff. Help desk style IT troubleshooting and an intermediate level of windows server know how (AD, DHCP, setting up all computers on the domain)  Kind of the boring IT junk but no real expert networking.  My question is that I'm thinking of getting some certifications that would benefit my job (as somewhat described above) and wanted some advice on what certs I should go for. 

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I would start by doing more of the work that you are outsourcing. Why are you paying someone else to setup servers and VMs? If you aren't taking on projects/tasks that are needed by the organization and outsourcing them instead, why would I, as a prospective employer, want to take you on if all of the advanced stuff that I would want you for you have never done and just outsourced it instead? It looks to me like you have opportunity to level up within your own organization. I would start there.