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Powershell Get-ADUser to change attribute for AD accounts in several OUs


I need to change the attribute "EmployeeType" to a value "A3341" for all the AD accounts that are part of two different OU, for example OU1 and OU2.  I was trying to do it with Get-ADUser but I can't get it two work. 

Can someone please help? 

Thank you!

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This should do it. It's in test mode and will not actually change anything; remove the -WhatIf at the end of line 3 to run it for real.
$OUs = 'OU=OU1,OU=Parent1,DC=domain,dc=com', 'OU=OU2,OU=Parent2,DC=domain,dc=com'
ForEach ($ou in $OUs) {
	Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase $ou | Set-ADUser -Replace @{employeeType='A3341'} -Verbose -WhatIf

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thank you so much! is there any way we could log any errors in some text log?
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