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Safely manage contacts and search by field from my Android phone

I need to be able to add new fields and sort by field from my phone and Google Contacts only allows keyword searching from there.

Is the only option a paid CMS?

I have AWS and a Wix website.

It seems like with AWS, and other options, I should be able to house and maintain contacts in a safe way from my phone without adding much of a cost on a monthly basis.

Has anyone else solved this issue where they can sort contacts by field and add new fields from their phone or web browser without exorbitant cost?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.

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How would the new contacts get added to the database when a new person texts me or calls me?

How would the new contacts get added to the database when a new person texts me or calls me?

One option is to use an automated tool like Zapier or IFTTT, which can help you automatically add new contacts to your system when someone texts or calls you. Another option is to manually add new contacts to your system by entering their information directly into your system. 

How can I use the IFTTT Android app to automate the adding of new contacts into a private Google spreadsheet?

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the IFTTT app on your Android device.
  2. Open the app and create a new applet by tapping on the "Create" button.
  3. Choose "Android Contacts" as the service and "New contact added" as the trigger.
  4. Grant permission for IFTTT to access your contacts.
  5. Choose "Google Sheets" as the service and "Add row to spreadsheet" as the action.
  6. Sign in to your Google account and grant IFTTT permission to access your Google Sheets.
  7. Select the spreadsheet you want to add the new contacts to.
  8. Map the contact fields to the appropriate columns in the spreadsheet.
  9. Customize the content of the added row as desired.
  10. Save the applet and turn it on.

Now, whenever you add a new contact to your Android device, IFTTT will automatically add a new row to the specified Google Spreadsheet with the information from the new contact.

Thank you for the steps above!

I did it from the desktop using Google Contacts to Google Sheets

This was the result so far that I sent to their support team.
Even if we get the whole ifttt thing working properly, we are still splitting into two databases when google contacts already exists. It seems like a difficult approach for what I want.

You are correct that using an automation tool like IFTTT may result in splitting your contacts into two databases if you already have your contacts in Google Contacts. You need to be able to add new fields and sort by field from your phone, while Google Contact only allow keywords searching only. That why you need to find alternative database like Google Sheet. 

I don't want to split up into two separate databases. That doesn't make sense to me.

Can I change from using Google Contacts on my phone to something that I would be able to edit as well as sort and filter by individual fields, at least from my desktop?