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I need to find out why nVidia drivers won't install. Can Event Viewer log the process?

What is the best way to log a driver installation using Event Viewer?

nVidia driver 531.29 or 531.43 installation repeatedly failing.  Reverts to 512.16.

Win 11 Pro.  MSI SBIOS 7C56vAC (03-16-23), MSI B550-A Pro

EVGA RTX 3090 Ti FTW, AMD 5800X3D, 64 GB HP V10 DDR4/3600/CAS14

System had been running very well for a week after installing the 5800X3D CPU.  No thermal problems.  Neither CPU nor GPU are overclocked.  Excellent case ventilation. Problem appeared suddenly - not associated with any hardware or software change. Does not correspond with a Windows Update.  Virus scan negative (unfortunately, I shut off system restore before running it in safe mode, so I have no restore points.)

I've reinstalled chipset drivers, tried several different versions of the SBIOS, and tried another graphics card (GTX 1080) The 1080 has the same problem, so I don't think it's a GPU hardware issue.

nVidia support says they don't use a logger during driver installs.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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is this the one you are trying to install?

have you tried removing the old driver first?

If you install it by running their installation executable, it almost certainly does create its own log, which is probably in %temp% directory or in subdirectory of it - yes, despite what their Support said. The easiest way to find out the exact location is to run Process Monitor while the installation is running, and monitor file-writing operations, looking for writing a file with extension .log .
Let me know if that does not work, there are other possibilities.
However, all that said, unless you have real problems and Release Notes of this release do address them, you don't need to update the driver just because an update is available - despite numerous internet publications saying otherwise.

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☠ MASQ ☠

512.16 was written specifically for the Ti  variant of the 3090.

Grab the 531.41 installer package from the main nVidia site then try uninstalling the current version first through Windows Settings > Apps then run Driver Uninstaller
Followed by the 531.41 package.
I'll second MASQ's comments on using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove any remnants of your video drivers after going through the normal display driver uninstall package.

DDU is a must in circumstances like this to make sure the system is as clean as possible.  Read the instructions carefully on the site MASQ linked to.
do you get an error during install?  if so - what does it say?
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I should have included this in my original question:
I run DDU in Safe Mode whenever I update a graphics driver.

Thanks @MASQ for the advice on how to enable logging.  I will try that.  Also, how does 512.16 get loaded after a DDU uninstall and failed 531.41 install?

@nobus - The only error I get is when the installer quits before completion.  It tells me "Graphics Driver: Failed" but there's no error code.

@Vadim Rapp - I update nVidia drivers because I'm using MSFS.  Microsoft strongly advises using the most current driver for this game.
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I turned logging on, and when I reviewed the logs I saw something that made me realize what the problem was.
In my effort to be smarter than the people who wrote Win 11, I had created a RAM Drive (R:) and set my TEMP and TMP user environment variables to R:\Temp, instead of the default TEMP folder on the C: drive.  I reset the variables to default, ran DDU in Safe Mode, restarted, and ran the 531.41 installer again.


The installer was running out of space when trying to use the TEMP folder.  The RAM Drive was 16GB, and I'd set MSFS to use 15.3GB for a cache file.

Thanks for the help.