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White bar at top of MS Edge

One of my "brilliant" user did something to MS Edge and it has a white bar at the top.  I can not get rid of it.  I tired resetting the browser but no luck. Anyone know  how to fix this?

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Seth Simmons
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that doesn't even look like edge

appears to be some sort of custom portal?

knowing more about what is being used and how would be useful as this isn't the standard opening of edge

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It is Edge and somehow the user did this...

Looks like a scaling issue, does hitting f11 make any difference?

If they have an Intel graphics processor try:
- Right click desktop,
- Go to 'Intel HD Graphics settings'
- Select 'Display'
- Then choose the option 'Scale Full Screen'
- Make sure the option 'Override Application Settings' is checked

This is strange.  I keep hitting f11 and it fixes it and then after time it goes back?  I think I'm going to delete the profile..

You could also adjust the scaling on the screen
Reset the browser page scale with Ctrl+0
And then look at the scaling settings in Settings > System > Display
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Did it end uo working permanently when you did that?