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Could you point what could be done to workaround / claim for Google Ads to display the current text for the search?

Hi Experts

Could you point what could be done to workaround / claim for Google Ads to display the current text for the search?

Accordingly with the pictue Google Ads points something irregular to the current text used and an old text is showed instead. The links are inopperative and I could not obtain the information on what need to be changed.

Thanks in advance.

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Paul MacDonald
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Are you certain this is legitimate?  Could it be fake?

Are you sure the link is public?  If you gave it a link that can only be reached by a log in or some private area is the reason I think you have that error. Or maybe you have robots.txt not allowing it to crawl that page?

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Sorry the delay, I'm going to better check it.

I opened a clain to Google Ads and still waiting a position.
Here is are the differences between what is configured at Google Ads and what is shown.

The text is exactly the same for desktop and mobile and very different on what was configured at Google Ads - that's the trouble...

Then, that is something for Google Ads. You need to look in your ad account for the different Creatives you have. You may have multiple creatives when you think you only have one.

I was able to clarify:
What happens is that there are 02 different situations, as per the example below:
The first is advertisement, marked as "sponsored". This is configured via google ads, the bottom one is just a search result (configured on the website, in my case WIX)
User generated image

They are for different sites. vs as well as different pages.  If you are trying to change your advertisement, you need to update your creative. If you want to update the organic search result, update the page and update your meta description. But it is not 100% that Google will use the meta description.

Yes, they are for different sites, just to abstract the difference between a sponsored search that uses data configured in Google Ads and a search that uses registered information directly configured on the site

I guess I am confused as to what the issue is. Do you want them to be the same? If that is the case, you need to adjust one of them, probably the ad.

The way things were concatenated can really cause confusion... Just to demonstrate 01 example of a sponsored ad used by a website, with words configured in Google Ads for this website and another advertisement from another website brought by a common search, with wording configured on the site itself. This can be extrapolated to the same situation as a single website, a sponsored ad and a regular search ad, that's all..
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