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How to Use Both Dark Mode and Light Mode in Chrome Browser

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I normally set a Chrome://flags to dark mode (Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents). But in order to use Google Slides, I need one browser window set to Light mode. I could run Dark mode on Chrome and Light mode on Edge, but I'd like to run both in Chrome.

Is there a way to run two instances of the Chrome browser so one runs in Dark mode setting, and the other runs in Light mode? Can this be done using a different Google account "Profile", perhaps?

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Maybe try opening different profiles?

Install Chrome as normal. Install a second Chrome using PortableApps. Portable apps have their settings separate so that should work.

Different profiles won't work, the setting is stored locally. You need different OS users, or portable Chrome. Changing the setting requires restart of the browser (all instances within the same path), so there is nothing to trick the browser into temporarily disabling the feature on the fly.

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I'm using Dark Reader myself, and yes, you are able to change the appearance dependling on the site. But it is not perfect - pages are rendered twice, sometimes images and fonts look blurry, colors are different in a strange way.

On the other hand, it allows changes to the appearance of particular sites, while the native theme setting only provides options applying to all pages.

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Dark Reader turns out to an excellent solution. Thank you all for responding to my post. When I get some time, I will want to look at the PortableApps solutions for Chrome.